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Clinical Pathology

The Clinical Pathology Unit, through its Biochemistry and Haematology teams, provides a series of laboratory services that veterinary surgeons use to assist them in their clinical diagnosis and case management.

The results from samples received in the morning are communicated to veterinary practices by lunchtime while those received in the afternoon are relayed back by early evening. This rapid turnaround is critical to the efficient management of equine health.


Informed Dialogue

The scientific result is supported by informed dialogue between the attending veterinary surgeon and the clinical pathologist so as to narrow down the list of possible causes of any symptoms, to quantify the severity of the illness, to confirm the success of treatment and to provide advice on when a return clean bill of health can be granted. Hundreds of samples and reports are dealt with each week, and many thousands each year. During the peak racehorse breeding season, up to 200 individual reports can be dispatched each day. Amongst the many evaluations that are available through the Clinical Pathology Unit are investigations of infection, intestinal parasitism, liver pathology and function, kidney pathology and function, pancreatic pathology, intestinal pathology and function, pulmonary pathology, body fluid status, and skin disease.

Recognised worldwide

The Clinical Pathology Unit is recognised worldwide for the quality of its research. Funding for important research projects has in the past been provided by, amongst others, the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the International League for the Protection of Horses, the International Equestrian Federation and the Lloyds Charitable Trust.