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Irish Equine Centre opens new Fertility Laboratory with capability for assessing multiple species

Article posted on 17-04-2015

The Irish Equine Centre is pleased to announce the creation of a Fertility Laboratory which has the ability to provide fast and accurate computerised semen analysis.

Our new AndroVision® equipment and software provide a highly efficient automated system for computerised semen analysis. It combines the classic CASA analysis with more advanced assays for sperm functionality. Concentration and motility can be assessed accurately and quickly with up to 1000 cells per field making the AndroVision® the perfect tool for objective and independent semen evaluation.

The percentages of total and progressive motility are the most important motility parameters in the evaluation of spermatozoa. Total motility refers to the fraction of spermatozoa that display any type of movement, whereas progressively motile spermatozoa swim forward in an essentially straight line.

This analysis can allow semen producers to ensure the quality of the products they supply and animal owners have the ability to test the semen they purchase if they are experiencing difficulties with fertility rates.

Raw and processed ejaculates can be evaluated. The system can be used to analyse many species involved in Artificial Insemination including horses, cattle, pigs, etc. All images and data are stored for later review and a detailed analysis report is generated as hard copy print or a digitised file which can be emailed to the client.

Example of a screen shot from the AndroVision® system

Please contact the Irish Equine Centre on +353 (0)45 866266 for more information or email us at