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Environmental and Nutrition Testing Services

The Irish Equine Centre provides environmental monitoring for a range of potential issues that can adversely impact a horse’s performance. The old adage “They are what they eat” is very relevant and we can test samples of hard feed, hay, haylage, grass and water for both quality and nutritional content. Yard owners should note that it is estimated that up to 30% of water from private wells is contaminated making it unfit for drinking.

Fungi and certain mycotoxins can also be a major cause of bad performance in racehorses. The Microbiology Unit carries out environmental testing for racing yards and studs to ensure boxes and feed areas are free of toxins that could cause poor performance or illness. Analysis of samples for moulds and mycotoxins is part of this service.

The Microbiology Department also offers a surveillance programme for Rhodococcus equi and MRSA in horses. The importance of early diagnosis in treating the disease is huge both economically and for the health of the horse.

For further information please contact Prof. Tom Buckley (Head of Microbiology) or Alan Creighton (Environmental Scientist) on +353 (0)45 866266.

Bacterial Culture (Environmental) - Swabs (aerobic or anaerobic)
Fungal Culture (Environmental) - (Swabs or Air Samples)
MRSA Culture / Screening (Environmental)
Mycotoxin Screen
Pseudomonas aeruginosa in water
Rhodococcus equi
Rhodococcus equi PCR
Water Sample - Chemical Analysis
Water Sample - Culture