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Faecal Worm Egg Count Testing for Horses

The Irish Equine Centre advocate regular screening of all horses on your farm for faecal egg counts (FEC). A FEC gives you an indication of adult parasites in the horse by measuring the number of worm eggs in a sample of faeces. It is important that the sample is picked fresh and dispatched to the IEC as soon as possible. Ensure each sample is labelled with the horse's details. Only a small sample is required from each horse, literally a handful of dung will suffice.

The IEC charge is €15 per sample
However there is a discount on bulk sampling

Price per Sample
1 sample
Batches of 50+ samples
This test is very useful because:
  1. It will indicate the level of adult parasite burden in the horse and, over time will allow a worming history to be built up.
  2. It will allow worming treatments to be targeted only to horses with significant worm burdens ( i.e. > 200 eggs per gram)
  3. It will confirm if worm control is effective
  4. It will reduce the number of treatments that are needed and in turn will help save money and time