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ProSol by the Irish Equine Centre

ProSol is a probiotic solution and aftercare service created by the IEC which contains live beneficial bacteria harvested from the horse’s own faecal sample. Each unit of ProSol is made specifically for each horse making it a unique and novel product.

Billions of bacteria known as ‘gut flora’ inhabit the horse’s digestive tract and are essential for breaking down the horse’s predominantly fibre diet to generate energy. Healthy gut flora plays a major role in immunity and prevention of disease. Protecting the balance between beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria is vital for the well-being of the horse. A horse cannot consistently perform to the best of its ability with a gut flora imbalance. Following 20 years of extensive gut flora research, the IEC has been able to identify, sensitivity test, isolate and harvest the beneficial bacteria required to balance the horse’s gut flora. ProSol can regain the balance of the gut flora where tests show an imbalance. Causes of gut flora imbalance include antibiotic treatment, stress, intensive training, diet, viral infections and parasites.

This storage service uses a cryo-preservation approach and offers a safety net for the lifetime of the horse in case the beneficial bacteria cannot be harvested in sufficient numbers from a subsequent faecal sample. Your horse’s beneficial bacteria will be stored at the IEC for future use (e.g. after the horse has had a course of antibiotics).

ProSol contains only the horse’s own beneficial bacteria suspended in sterile water. It is administered orally to the horse each day with a large dispensing syringe supplied by the IEC.

Send us a fresh sample of faeces. If your horse’s gut is out of balance an experienced microbiologist will formulate the probiotic unique to your horse.

Gut Flora Fees (excluding VAT)
  • Gut Flora Screen + Storage €60
  • ProSol €150
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