Bacterial Culture, Fungal Culture and Sensitivity Testing

Bacterial culture and sensitivity testing is used to identify the bacteria present in a sample and the antimicrobial compounds to which that bacterium is sensitive. Bacterial culture results can be used to diagnose the cause of infection, identify potential sources of infection and determine if the infection is likely to be contagious to other animals while sensitivity test results can be used to guide treatment. Fungal culture is used to identify yeasts or moulds in samples in order to diagnose fungal infections. Antifungal sensitivity testing is available as a referred test.
The Microbiology lab at the Irish Equine Centre is an ISO17025 accredited laboratory which demonstrates our commitment to excellence in testing and quality results. The laboratory is staffed with a team of highly experienced microbiologists and is led by an EBVS®-recognised specialist in Veterinary Microbiology. The lab is equipped with some of the latest microbiological equipment, including a VITEK II system for bacterial identification and susceptibility testing.