What is Gut Flora?

Billions of bacteria inhabit the dog’s digestive tract These bacteria known as ‘Gut Flora’ are essential for maintaining gut health and optimising nutrient absorption. Healthy gut flora also plays a major role in immunity prevention of certain diseases. Protecting the balance of the gut flora between beneficial and harmful bacteria is vital for the well-being of your dog.

Gut flora can be adversely affected by many factors including stress, illness (e g bacterial and parasitic infections), antibiotics, poor diet and the dog’s environment.

What is a Probiotic and why give it?

A probiotic is a solution containing beneficial gut bacteria, it may be in liquid or powdered form most often commercially produced. An autogenous probiotic, is a solution containing live beneficial bacteria harvested from the dog’s own faecal sample. An autogenous probiotic is unique to that dog and most importantly is sensitivity tested to rule out resistant bacteria. The autogenous probiotic can re gain the balance of the gut flora in the occurrence of a detrimental event in the gut.

Why choose Pro Sol

For a live probiotic to be considered beneficial, the bacteria must reach the colon alive In other words, the bacteria must be of sufficient numbers to survive obstacles such as gastric, bile and pancreatic acids The IEC has been involved in gut flora research for the past 20 years Through our extensive research, we have been able to identify and isolate the beneficial bacteria from freshly cultured faeces We then harvested this bacteria to sufficient numbers to ensure the live bacteria reaches the gut We have formulated a unique liquid that is easily administered to your dog called

Pro Sol

This liquid contains only your dog’s own beneficial bacteria suspended in sterile water and NO other additives. The pink colour of the Pro Sol is a natural phenomenon Using Pro Sol over a period of 20 days we have seen improvements in the health and condition of dogs where a gut imbalance had previously been diagnosed.

IEC’s Bacteria Bank

Using cryo preservation the IEC can store each dog’s harvested beneficial bacteria in a secure bank for the duration of the dog’s life, providing a safety net for the owner. In the case of a detrimental event in the gut, e.g. antibiotic treatment, the beneficial bacteria can be wiped out leaving nothing left to harvest. By storing the beneficial bacteria in advance, the IEC will always be in a position to access the dog’s beneficial bacteria and quickly formulate a Pro Sol probiotic for your dog.

Safety and precautions of Pro Sol use