Protein Electrophoresis

Protein electrophoresis helps determine the significance of raised globulin levels and identifies specific globulin fraction. Alpha 2 globulin shows acute-phase inflammatory protein responses, beta 1 globulins associated with mixed strongyle larval activity, beta 2 globulins are often associated with hepatopathy and gamma globulins show antibody responses to bacteria or viral infections. Sample Requirement Turnaround Time […]

Serum Amyloid A (SAA)

SAA in a highly sensitive acute-phase inflammatory protein used to monitor early response to infection / inflammation and the response to treatment. Most horses have very low or zero measurable levels which rise quickly in acute inflammation. Levels rise and fall quickly with subsidence of inflammation. Sample Requirement Turnaround Time Price Laboratory Species Serum Same […]


Testosterone may be used to determine cryptorchidism in male horses under the age of 3 years. Sample Requirement Turnaround Time Price Laboratory Species Serum Referred test €48.00 Biochemistry Equine Related test(s) AMH (Anti-Mullerian hormone), Testosterone rig test, Oestrone sulphate (male) Related article(s) None