Equine Drug Testing

The Forensics Laboratory at the Irish Equine Centre provides a drug testing service to veterinary surgeons carrying out pre-purchase examinations of horses. Blood samples are collected at the time of examination using the sampling kit provided by the IEC and samples are stored for 6 months from date of receipt in the lab. Should an issue emerge with the animal after purchase, the submitting vet can request the sample be screened for a range of medications and other substances via LC-MS / MS. The Forensics lab offers a range of test options for screening including:

Please note that testing of samples may only be requested by the submitting vet and all results can only be discussed with the submitting vet. The lab cannot discuss samples or results with vendors or purchasers.

In the event of a screen-positive result, confirmatory testing by a second laboratory is recommended. Proper handling and storage of samples after collection is vital to ensure the quality of the sample is maintained and it remains suitable for testing. Samples should be returned to the IEC as soon as possible after collection. Samples which cannot be sent to the lab immediately should be refrigerated. Poor sample storage (including the freezing of samples) can lead to the haemolysis of red blood cells which renders the sample unfit for testing. If you require further information on any aspect of drug testing, please contact the laboratory.