The Microbiology Unit provides a vigilant eye for disease and disease trends. We seek to maintain a strong and positive working relationship with the veterinary profession for the good of all involved in racing and breeding. Qualified staff, with a deep understanding of the needs of the horse industry, and utilising the latest in diagnostic technology, provide a seven day a week service to assist in the diagnosis, management and prevention of a wide variety of bacteriological, parasitic and mycological diseases. The Microbiology Unit analyses over 30,000 samples each year. These include analysis of biological material in addition to food and environmental elements, in order to provide a complete picture of the welfare of the horse. Independent advice and confidentiality, except in the case of notifiable diseases, are the cornerstones of the aftercare service that is provided by the team. Another important function of the Microbiology Unit is the monitoring of trends and disease patterns. Experienced staff provide a seven day a week service with the ability to help diagnose problems. Where threats arise, it is the duty of the Centre, voluntarily undertaken, to make the equine industry aware of the danger. Where there is a serious outbreak of disease, the Microbiology Unit works to isolate the causal agent and to assist in the management of the situation.