Soil and Grass Analysis

The soil is the foundation of equine and livestock production. Soil testing determines the level of fertility of the land allowing you to fertilise accordingly, accurately, and cost-effectively. When the soil health is within the optimal conditions landowners can maximise yield and quality. Maintenance of correct soil pH and mineral balance is critical to gain access to the available nutrients in the soil and any applied nutrients. This balance is disrupted annually through drainage water, runoff, grazing and the removal of grass for forage.

Research shows that soil fertility in Ireland has declined greatly with over half of Irish soils having a suboptimal pH of 6.2 and index 1 and 2 for P and K which is suboptimal for growing grass. Determining the amount and type of compound to be applied will improve efficiency and save you money by reducing fertiliser costs.

We offer basic and in-depth soil analysis packages. Our basic soil analysis covers P, K, pH and lime requirement. We also offer a full mineral screen which checks the levels of heavy metals and micro minerals available to the grass. Our in-depth analysis includes both the basic analysis and high-level mineral analysis giving you the facts to ensure soil health, which will provide nutrient and mineral-rich grass for consistent equine and livestock production.