NOPS (Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances) Screening

Screening of animal feeds, forages and supplements for the presence of NOPS
Screen 1 – Parameters included: Atropine, bufotenine, caffeine, codeine, dimethyltryptamine, hordenine, hyoscine, hyoscyamine, lupinine, morphine, methylbufotenine, noscapine, oripavine, papaverine, sparteine, thebaine, theobromine, theophylline, cobalt and arsenic
Screen 2 – Parameters included: ajmaline, capsaicin, cathinone, cocaine, colchinine, digitoxin, digoxin, dihydrocapsaicin, ephedrine, harmaline, ibogaine, lobeline, nicotine, nonivamide, pseudoephedrine, quinidine, quinine, reserpine, salicylic acid, synephrine, valerenic acid, vincamine and yohimbine.

Taking a representative sample:
The analytical result is only as good as the sample submitted for analysis. Collecting a representative sample is the first step of the analytical procedure.
Hay & Haylage: Different types, cuttings or lots should be analysed separately. Take at least a handful from at least 5 bales selected at random. Combine all the samples and submit as one sample for analysis. The sample should weigh at least 100g.
Grass: Randomly select between 15 –20 sites on a ‘W’ formation across the field where the animals have been grazing and clip at grazing height. Combine in a clean plastic bucket and mix. Take at least 500g and pack tightly in a plastic bag and submit sample as fresh as possible.
Grains & Mixed Feeds: Bulk loads: Randomly collect around 10 samples as the grain is discharged and combine in a clean plastic bucket. Submit at least 500 g for analysis. Bags: collect grab samples from as many different areas of the bag(s) as possible, mixing if possible to ensure a good representative sample is taken. Submit at least 100g for analysis

Sample Requirement Turnaround Time Price Sample Form Laboratory Species
“Forage, feed, supplement, bedding samples Representative sample in a large ziplock bag” 10 days Contact the lab for pricing Nutrition Quality request form Environment & Nutrition Equine

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