Rhodococcus equi Combined PCR (VapA & ChoE)

This test detects the presence of Rhodococcus equi in various sample types through the PCR detection of the cholesterol oxidase (ChoE) gene and the Virulence associated plasmid A (VapA). Detection of ChoE indicates that R. equi is present in the sample while detection of VapA indicates that virulent R. equi is present in the sample.
Sample Requirement Turnaround Time Price Laboratory Species
Nasal swab/Abscess swab/Tracheal lavage/other 2 days €75.00 PCR Equine

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Rhodococcus equi – Cholesterol oxidase (ChoE) PCR, Rhodococcus equi – VapA PCR

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** Samples must be received before 10.00 a.m. Monday-Thursday in order to avail of 2 working day turnaround. Please note that samples submitted after 10.00 a.m. on Thursday, or on Friday, will be reported on the next working day