Rhodococcus equi – VapA PCR

This test detects the presence of virulent Rhodococcus equi in various sample types through the PCR detection of the Virulence associated plasmid A (VapA). VapA is found in virulent R. equi only.
Sample Requirement Turnaround Time Price Laboratory Species
Nasal swab/Abscess swab/Tracheal lavage/other 2 days €52.50 PCR Equine

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Rhodococcus equi – Cholesterol oxidase (ChoE) PCR, Rhodococcus equi combined PCR (VapA & ChoE)

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** Samples must be received before 10.00 a.m. Monday-Thursday in order to avail of 2 working day turnaround. Please note that samples submitted after 10.00 a.m. on Thursday, or on Friday, will be reported on the next working day