Trichinella Testing

The Trichinella laboratory is a DAFM designated official laboratory for the detection of the Trichinella parasite in meat samples. It is the only commercial laboratory in Ireland accredited by INAB for this method.
Trichinella are a genus of roundworm parasites that cause Trichinellosis, a foodborne disease of humans characterised by abdominal pain, diarrhoea and vomiting. The adult Trichinella worm is found in the intestines of pigs primarily, and the juvenile worms are found in the muscle tissue of pigs and other animals including horses. Humans are infected through the consumption of undercooked meat containing the juvenile worm.
Trichinella has not been reported in Irish pig or horsemeat for over 40 years but, under legislation, all equine and porcine animals slaughtered for human consumption must be tested for the presence of the parasite in designated laboratories.