Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) vaccine shortage for 2024 breeding season

Zoetis recently announced that a shortage of the Equip Artervac EVA vaccine will continue until autumn 2024 at the earliest. This presents an increased disease risk for Ireland as an EVA outbreak would have significant negative consequences for horses and the equine industry.

Steps must now be taken to help prevent an outbreak of EVA occurring in Ireland. In this context, DAFM has strongly advised to blood sample all previously vaccinated stallions and teasers and to urgently submit these surveillance blood samples before November 24th 2023, and thereafter at 6 monthly intervals. Any new stallions to commence breeding in 2024 should also submit blood samples to confirm their EVA negative status before they start breeding activity. We are therefore calling for all breeders, thoroughbred and on-thoroughbred to review and optimise their biosecurity protocols on your stud farm in advance of the 2024 breeding season in line with the International Codes of Practice.

Please be assured that the IEC will work with you to help wherever we can and remember that our Environment & Nutrition department can test for bio-security issues and our Virology team are experts in the field of EVA.


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